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When I was a senior in high school, after applying to 97 scholarships, I had received over $574,500 in scholarships and grants. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds go to college; and many even with all expenses paid for! However, research shows that the average bachelor's degree holder takes 21 years to pay off their student loans with payments of $499/month! The financial stress has worse implications and constraints in one's life.




Financing college

Finding the right college

applying to the right college

applying for scholarships

strategies for sat & act

High Performance Student Skills

Exploring Interests & Talents

Internships & Externships

Parental Involvement



ist of some scholarships clients have received

Gates' Millennium Scholar Program

Harvard Full-Ride Scholarship

Lilly Endowment Scholarship

Butler Tuition Guarantee

Wabash President Scholarship

U of I Bridge Scholar Program

Calvin College Trustee Scholarship

IU Groups Scholarship

Calvin College President Scholarship

U of I Lugar IPA Scholarship

Norman Brown Scholarship

Butler Academic Scholarship Program

Calvin College Dean Scholarship

Wheaton College Blanchard Award

Wabash College Top 10% Scholarship

Ball State Presidential Scholarship

Purdue Presidential Scholarship

Coca-Cola Scholarship Program

Belmont University Merit Scholarship

Wheaton College Edman Award

IUPUI Valedictorian Scholarship

IU Provost's Scholarship

Butler Faith and Vocation Scholarship

Project SEED Scholarship

Abe Lincoln Scholarship

La Plaza Scholarship

USA Funds

ACE Scholarship

Purdue National Hispanic Scholarship

Purdue National Merit Scholarship

Sam H. Jones Service Scholarship

Senior Academy Scholarship for IPS

Tri Kappa Scholarship

SADCO Scholarship

Sprowl Brothers' Scholarship

Dollars for Scholars

Amer. Revol. Daughters Scholarship

Joe Bridgewater Scholarship

IN Concrete Association Scholarship

GWCHS Alumni Scholarship

Kiwanis Scholarship

Stacey Toran Scholarship

Project Stepping Stone Scholarship

Indiana Latino Institute Scholarship

Usher Scholarship

Hensley-Bridgewater Scholarship

Sprowl & Smith Coaching Scholarship

















































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