Might This Be The Equation For Purpose- & Mission-Driven Strategies?

With the Millennials now making up the majority of the workforce, understanding how they create value, thus being productive, is a millennial must. Company Loyalty has dramatically decreased, and now more than ever Job Loyalty drives the 21st century worker. Mission-driven strategies and purpose-driven fulfillment seem to get increased demands. Here, you will read an approach that attempts to mitigate and boost employee, company, and community engagement.

Simply put, use the “Why” to understand the “How” to deliver a better “What”. Thus,

What = How (How1 + How2 + How3 ...) + Why (Why1 + Why2 + Why3 ...)

So, to deliver a better “What”, you will need to question the “How” so that your “Why” is answered.

For example:

What = Product/Desired Outcome (Satisfaction Opportunities)

How = Its Functionality/Service in Action (Step-By-Step Implementation Opportunities)

Why = Solve Problems (Purpose-Driven Opportunities)

For the purpose of exemplification, let’s say your company is planning to start a new project initiative (adapted from Bo Breuklander’s article): Employee Social Media Engagement. This is a great new initiative and has many positive implications for your employees, company, and even community. Using the proposed formula, let’s explore this new initiative.

What = Engage Employees To Improve Company’s Social Media Presence

How1 = Each Employee Should Have A Face In Their Profile Image

How2 = Each Employee Should Use Their Real Name

How3 = Each Employee Should Add A Background Image

How4 = Each Employee Should Post Relevant, Consistent Content

How5 = Each Employee Should Be Professional

How6 = Each Employee Should Know Their Profile Account Settings

How7 = Each Employee Should Follow & Connect With Approved Company Accounts

Why1 = Employee As Company Advocates

Why2 = Employee Groomed Professional Brand

Why3 = Building Company Presence

Why4 = Employee Engagement In Job Role In Company & Community

Why5 = Employee Company Ownership

You will see that there are many positive implications to start such an initiative. Elaborating on a mutual gain (“What’s In It For Me” & “What’s In It For You”) value proposition is a must. Make sure you over-communicate all the How’s and all the Why’s for crystal clear understanding, full engagement, sense of meaning and purpose, and ownership.

Following this simple, yet clear and defined formula can be another approach to successfully engage all stakeholders.

Course of Action

How do you apply this formula to your role?


What other thoughts would you add to this post? I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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