4 Priorities On Developing A New Resume

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

Here’s a very interesting fact: Did you know, the first ever recorded resume was by the one and only da Vinci? He wrote the first professional resume in 1482. Since then, obviously, much has changed. However, one thing remained: it continues to list one’s professional skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

With the advancement of technology, nowadays most resumes are shared and received electronically. Your personal presence, charisma, likability, confidence, and your cologne/perfume scent no longer can give you an extra edge. Everything is now solely based on that single piece of document. Your resume now becomes the first impression you will give your recruiter and employer.

What Type Of First Impressions Do You Want Employers & Recruiters To Have Of You?

We’ve all had our versions of crappy resumes, especially when we write them for the first few times. Giving detailed attention to your resume is a must, and it is what gives you the “modern edge” on your competition. When you are developing a new resume draft, below are some thoughts on how to approach it.

Starting Fresh

If you haven’t done it yet, list on a separate piece of paper anything that comes to mind regarding the duties and responsibilities of your current or past job. Don’t worry about what type of words you need to use or how messy it sounds. Just get it out of your head and put it on the paper. It is important that you do not open your most recent resume, though. The reason being for this is that you do not want it to influence the writing of your current job, avoiding repetition and lack of content. Once you feel you’ve exhausted how much you think your duties and responsibilities are, search on Google for similar descriptions for your job to get new insights (DON’T LIE. If you don’t perform a certain responsibility from the similar description, do not use it, even though it sounds highly appealing to put it on your resume.)

Merging Content

After starting fresh and polishing your duties and responsibilities from your current or past job, revisit your old resume and add your new content to it. Make sure to only use pertinent content that will better portray your knowledges, skills, and experiences to the targeted job title and company you would send your resume to.

Revising Work

As previously mentioned, your resume represents you as a professional (whether you want to admit it or not; that is how it is perceived by recruiters and employers). Thus, it is your uttermost priority to make the best “first impression” as you can. When revising your resume, put in the work to:

  • Make the resume look neat and organized,

  • Check for misspelling and punctuation,

  • Check for formatting and font,

  • Make sure it is cohesive,

  • Share the resume with your spouse or friend for a second eye perspective and feedback,

  • Revise it with a career coach

Exceeding Expectations

It doesn’t stop here. Part of the process of developing a new resume draft also needs to include two additional points.

  1. Contact your references and refresh them on your skills and accomplishments to better prepare them for calls from recruiters and employers.

  2. Everything that is worth having takes work and time. You need to show your recruiters you are worth having. Have an “All-Inclusive Resume” (A resume with everything worth putting in your resume from all of your previous experiences) where you keep track of resume related information and add content to it on a monthly basis. Yes, it takes work. But you are showing your worth.

Giving special and detailed attention to your resume gives you a higher probability rate of getting hired. After all, what type of first impressions do you want employers and recruiters to have of you?


What other thoughts would you add to this post? I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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