10 Life Enhanging (Changing To Enhance) Skills

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, improving oneself entails 73.9% of people’s continuous desires and goals. Honestly, what an encouraging information this is; to see that the greater majority of individuals recognize that they could think better, do things better, or even simply be a better person.

Through hundreds of thousands of self-development inquiries, below you can find one of the most popular ones with a focus on, but not limited to, professional self-development topics. And as always, should you need further assistance in planning and accomplishing this topic, reach out to me.

It almost goes without saying it, but to be crystal clear in this channel of communication, a coach is highly known as a person who motivates another person to take an action and do things better. This applies to sports coach (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc.) and a professional coach (life coach, career coach, business coach, etc.). Learning coaching skills can be highly productive and effective in your day-to-day life. Here are some coaching skills that you can start learning and practicing to advance yourself and those around you.

Motivator - A coach understands the basic science behind what encourages others to take action, and take action to produce better results.

Guidance Practitioner - From personal and acquired experiences, a coach understands which road is the best road for each individual to take to get to their desired destination. Keeping in mind that every individual is different and has different tastes, a coach knows which views, terrain, and length it takes to ensure the individual finds joy, challenge, and courage along the journey.

Resource Oriented - A coach understands that it takes tools to get work done. Available to coaches are a plethora of resources and tools to facilitate one’s advancement in an efficient and effective manner.

Systems Creator - The beauty of systems, especially when well elaborated and constructed, is that, as long as you input the same information (disregarding timestamps) they will always output the same results. There’s a whole system behind a car’s ignition, but as long as everything else in the system is working properly, when you switch your car key on, it will always start the car. Another instance, for example, is that if you know that your spouse gets happy (outcome) every time you buy (system) her a Day-At-A-Spa package, you know that whenever you want her to get happy you need to buy her a Day-At-A-Spa package.

Collaboration Expert - At the end of the day, a coach isn’t successful if he can’t work with his client to achieve the desired goal together. Simply put, a client has the demand, and a coach has the supply; the coach also plays a role as a mediator to bring both to an equilibrium state, making the outcome a success from both sides.

Laser Focus Practitioner - In the essence of coaching, we understand that every individual is unique. And while many techniques may overlap with several clients on a given context, the most efficient and effective results come from those who receive laser focused attention and support.

Mindset Ninja - A coach’s mindset is structured to facilitate one’s flourishing. Having this type of mentality is an admirable skill that has mutual benefits for both clients and coach.

Accountability Enhancer - Success is highly linked with accountability. Accountability comes in many forms (performance reviews, casual conversations, hiring coaches, etc.); and using it intentionally is highly beneficial.

Action-Oriented Practitioner - There’s an old Chinese proverb adopted from Lao, a Chinese philosopher, that says “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This proverb illustrates the invitation for an action, no matter the monstritude of the goal. Think of the distance of “a thousand miles” as the goal. Like in any goal you want to accomplish, you must set forth action. As a matter of fact, the word “accomplish” is heavily backed by action. You cannot accomplish something if you do not act on it. Additionally, “step” stands as a synonym for action. Thus, in order for you to move forward, literally in this example, you must take one step; then another; and another; and so on until you reach your final 1000th mile. To entertain you a bit further, according to Arizona State University Extension, a man’s walking stride (the lengthiest and thus used here as an example) equates to 2.5 feet on average. After some math, in order for you to reach your thousand miles journey, you will have to take on average 2,112,000 steps. Without a doubt, this is an ultimate complex goal, but the point is to illustrate that for every goal you set, or desire you want fulfilled, you must take action. As a coach, we move you from your “thinking” stage to “acting” stage, providing you with the resources and support needed.

Big Picture Sensei - In the details of our everyday lives, we are constantly caught up on focusing (and stressing over) on the minute things of life. It is like micromanaging every instance of your life, where in reality you don’t even have full control of yourself. What do you think of a boss who is constantly checking up on your work and telling you what to do every step of the way? It’s highly irritable, isn’t it?! A great boss will give you a project and give you room to work it to completion, allowing you to be completely autonomous and trusting that whenever you need extra help, you’ll reach out to her. This same way is how we can focus on the Big Picture in given areas of our lives. While a coach may have an unique step-by-step flourishing pathway for you, it is important that you both see the Big Picture and don’t lose track of it.

As previously mentioned, learning coaching skills like the ones above can be highly productive and effective in your day-to-day life. I’ve written an article in the past that can be useful to you as you search to explore and implement these skills to your life. Here’s where you can find it: A Science To Reaching Your Goals.


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