5 Reasons Why I Write And Why You Might Want To Start

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, improving oneself entails 73.9% of people’s continuous desires and goals. Honestly, what an encouraging information this is; to see that the greater majority of individuals recognize that they could think better, do things better, or even simply be a better person.

Through hundreds of thousands of self-development inquiries, below you can find one of the most popular ones with a focus on, but not limited to, professional self-development topics. And as always, should you need further assistance in planning and accomplishing this topic, reach out to me.

Since early in my teenage years, my father encouraged my siblings and I to journal. I used to have notebooks filled with notes, illustrations, and excerpts. As life got busier, I gradually stopped writing. If any writing content now would be produced, it would only emerge from school related work (high school and college). Suddenly, writing became a burden; a practice I no longer enjoyed. A few years later, already being out of college and grad school, I found myself going back to my old habit of journaling and writing. I’ve learned much from this daily practice; and here’s why I write…

  • Knowledge - The main reason why I write is to explore and retain valuable knowledge. It amazes me every time how knowledge is so powerful. I thoroughly enjoy growth through applied information economics. Plus, I am a very curious individual; and this allows me to further explore all sorts of information even beyond my line of work.

  • Effective Communication - Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that I have drastically increased my communication skills due to the practice of writing. I’m a pretty good typer, but not nearly as fast as people’s talking speed. However, when I type my brain is looking for the most optimizing and effective words to put out to convey the message the exact way I intend to. Writing has allowed me to slow my speech speed, which in turn has allowed the extra time for the ideal words to be placed in the designated sequential order.

  • Value Creation - It is my fervent passion to be able to facilitate one to flourish; both personally or professionally. When I write, and intend to publish my content publicly, my intention is to always add value to the reader.

  • Self-Meditation - Sometimes I find writing humoristically amusing; I feel I am talking to myself out loud. In the process, though, I get to think and explore ideas and concepts about my life worth and life work.

  • Personal Branding - As much and passionately as I write to add value to others, I also write to create and shape my personal branding. From it, many opportunities are generated that mutually benefit the reader and the writer (me!).

Additionally, here’s why you might want to write…

  • Showcase - Your content, passions, value creation.

  • Direction - You can find your ways by writing, for it allows you to think, over-think, research, and implement intellectual content that shapes your road and the direction you take while facing crossroads.

  • Change - When you see that you can make a positive impact in your life or communities (families, work, neighborhoods, etc.), you can encourage change via your writing.

  • Art - Like many other professions and skills, writing might be your passion. Thus, practicing the art of writing is just as obvious as eating when you are hungry; you just do it.

  • Relationship Strengthening - Maybe you prefer to nurture your relationships via writing. Therefore, you write postcards, letters, or even comments on social media.

Growth and self-development through writing is another effective approach. If you are like me, writing allows you to gain a deeper knowledge, make your communication more effective, allows you to add value to your readers, shows other parts of you as you meditate on yourself, and it shapes your personal branding. Writing, as just covered, also allows you to showcase your persona and capabilities, gives you a sense of direction, evokes change, strengthens your writing pieces, and allows you to strengthen and nurture your relationships.


What other thoughts would you add to this post? I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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About the Author

Mike Sprowl is becoming the most sought after Readiness & Flourishing Coach and Consultant in the coaching community. He is famous for helping clients find a direction, implement personalized pathways, and facilitate flourishing and growth so that their lives are meaningful and purposeful without being negative.

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