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I don’t sing, I don’t play an instrument, and I don’t have any special performance up my sleeve [not a magician either :( ], yet I thoroughly enjoy to listen and/or watch artists audition for their very first time on talent shows such as American Idol, The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent, or X-Factor. After hundreds of hours spent on YouTube videos since college, I finally understood why I kept watching those videos, and even came back to a good number of them a few years later to watch them again. I realized I loved to see auditioners to succeed. It was all appealing to me: the nerves, the intimidation, the talent, the audience’s reaction, the crying, the judges’ ‘Yes’, the “Golden Buzzers”, the “Battle Rounds”, and the unique stories. These hundreds of hours, in a way, drew me closer to finding and nurturing my unique skill: to coach individuals and consult for companies so that they too can flourish; when they flourish, I flourish.

Identifying your unique skills and talents is a self-exploration process that takes time and purpose. Knowing your unique skills sets you apart and drastically facilitates and optimize your value creation potential. Once you have them figured out, learning to leverage them effectively pays off big time; and they automatically facilitate your self-development.

Your unique skills and talents come in many forms. Four ways in which they come are from Flourishing-Derived Skills, Acquired Skills, Student-Teacher (Bell Curve) Skills, and Optimal Flourishing Merging Skills.

Flourishing-Derived Skills - What do you find yourself doing often in your leisure time (or even during working hours [don’t worry, I won’t tell your boss]? Can you capitalize on it? Can you promote it?

One of my clients recently reached back out to me with a concern in mind: “I need to make more money.” After listening to his frustrations and struggles to keep up with his bills and aspirations, he mentioned he is trying to do some consulting work that uses his not-so-satisfying skill; and not being much lucrative. Having an understanding of who he is and what gets him excited, I told him I see him doing something else using his untapped flourishing skills and talents. I asked him:

“What do you enjoy doing before and after work?”

Without any hesitation or delay, he vented: “I love to work out and travel!” With the understanding that work (a profit generation for self) should be both productive and joyful, I suggested to him: “While you still have your day job, what do you think about starting your own side business on being a mobile personal trainer/coach? This way you get to travel and work out while making a side profit. We can strategize, if you like the idea, on how to bring this possible side business to a point where it can be your sole source of income and eventually elevate it.” His enthusiasm and excitement with the new possibility of a personal flourishing pathway was clearly evident.

Acquired Skills - Over your professional and volunteering experiences, what skills have allowed you to pay the bills?

Examples of skills referred as Acquired Skills are communication in the forms of verbal and writing, critical thinking/problem solving, planning and organizing, time management, interpersonal, leadership, computing skills, decision-making, and multi-cultural awareness. Two years ago I wrote an article that is directly connected to Acquired Skills, and I think it might be useful to you as you further dive into identifying your unique skills and talents. Its title is 21st-Century Must-Have Professional Skills.

Student-Teacher (Bell Curve) Skills - What skills are you currently performing at a student level that you want to develop to a teacher level?

These skills are derived from your acquired skills, but for specific and unique reasons established by you, your search for more practice emerges; and thus reaching excellence in performing them. Reasons why you might want to strengthen your skills could be that you want to be more efficient with your time management, grow your influence and impact as a leader, or communicate effectively when writing to your colleagues and superiors. Categorically, other reasons could be that you want to find a way to optimize your productivity, further explore skills that fulfill both your professional and personal aspirations, or to gain expertise recognition to the point it reveals itself in promotion offers.

Optimal Flourishing Merging Skills - Simply put, these types of skills refer to all three types of skills combined, but sculpted in a way that focuses on the most optimal approach to a high level of productivity and fulfillment unique to you.

Those who have found their dream jobs and love what they do on a daily basis are practicing their Optimal Flourishing Merging Skills. When exercising these skills, all agents are willing to perform their jobs for free (although not realistic because, of course, we all have bills to pay and dreams to support).

So… beyond thinking it over and exploring by yourself what your unique skills and talents are, one question remains unanswered, and it can speed up your process for accurately identifying your unique skills:

How do I figure out my unique skills and talents?

Experts and institutions have spent many years on attempting to bring you closer to the answer for this question; and outside help has been extended. Here’s a good starting point.

As previously mentioned, identifying your unique skills and talents is a self-exploration process that takes time and purpose; and outside assistance can be very efficient and effective in this process. Knowing your unique skills sets you apart and drastically facilitates and optimizes your value creation potential. Once you have them figured out, learning to leverage them effectively pays off big time.


What other thoughts would you add to this post? I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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Mike Sprowl is becoming the most sought after Readiness & Flourishing Coach and Consultant in the coaching community. He is famous for helping clients find a direction, implement personalized pathways, and facilitate flourishing and growth so that their lives are meaningful and purposeful without being negative.

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