We Are Not Taking Care Of Ourselves. It’s Gotta Change. Now.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, improving oneself entails 73.9% of people’s continuous desires and goals. Although this is very encouraging, people aren’t really taking actions.

Through hundreds of self-development inquiries, below you can find one of the most popular ones. And as always, I will provide you further assistance in planning and accomplishing this topic; simply reach out to me.

Practice Intentional Self-Care

On an extreme self-care note, I have a friend (male) who, on a weekly basis, not because of any dermatological issues, but simply because he’s oriented to practice self-care, uses 18 (eighteen) types of creams on his body! Yes, you read it right. 18. And yes, you are thinking it; and I’ll say it: That’s absurd! Stating my opinion, which is clearly known to him, I’d agree with you. First off, if it were me, I couldn’t find the motivation, and let alone the discipline, to be that extreme. But the guy is committed and enjoys the outcome of his work (no wonder his skin looks much healthier than mine).

It wouldn’t be a hard task to actually compile some data and hard evidence… We’ve all heard it...

We are not taking care of ourselves.

For your sake, it’s gotta change.


In order for you to get your dream job… spend more time with family and friends… buy the house of your dreams… travel the world… live longer, what needs to happen first? Exactly, you must simply exist. You must be alive; and capable to effectively add value. This is simply true in every area of your life. And in order for you to be alive and functional, especially in the long run, you must take care of yourself. Take a car for example, if you never change its oil, sooner rather than later, your engine will stop working. The same way it is with your life, you can run it, just like the car, but if you change your “oil”, you can run it longer and better.

I’ve learned from listening to others’ experiences that investing time, talent, and treasure on myself is essential to my own life and happiness. One specific example is related my health. After many interactions and casual conversations on aging and its implications, common sentences among our conversations from others who are past their 60’s would be: “My doctor told me I need to eat healthier… sleep more… workout… stay away from sugar…” The more I heard, and the more I saw their struggles, the more it became evident to me that several lifestyles of mine needed to be changed.

In the spirit of candidness, the truth about my eating habits was that I didn’t really care for what I ate; as long as it was good! Regarding sleeping, it always felt to me that as long as I was productive and didn’t really get terribly tired, sleeping 3-4 hours/night was okay. Additionally, working out for the sake of working out was always a big waste of time (I could be productive… I could spend time with the people I wanted to grow with... I could start that new idea, etc.). However, as much as I give attention and devote my time and resources to others, I need to do the same for me.

Taking self-care needs to be intentional; it’s about the short-term that heavily impacts your long-term. Treat it as you treat your job; you put time and resources into it every single day. And as a bonus, by getting in a healthy lifestyle (exercising, eating, sleeping, etc.), you get happier throughout your life and you live longer.

We are not taking care of ourselves. For your sake, it’s gotta change. Now.


What other thoughts would you add to this post? I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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