Be Smart! 4 SMART Life Goal Setting Categories

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, improving oneself entails 73.9% of people’s continuous desires and goals. What an encouraging information this is; to see that the greater majority of individuals recognize that they could think better, do things better, or even simply be a better person.

Through hundreds of self-development inquiries, below you can find one of the most popular ones with a focus on, but not limited to, professional self-development topics. And as always, should you need further assistance in planning and accomplishing this topic, reach out to me.

TOPIC: Identify Four Specific Life Goals

It’s all about INTENTIONALITY.

If you consciously think about a want/desire and set forth steps to accomplishing it, you are already 10 times closer to getting what you want than others who simply do not plan. Even if you fail.

It is such a simple concept, yet millions of adults just live life day by day without taking much action on investing on their future selves. These individuals solely rely on serendipity (reaching success by accident, luck). Are you sure you want to waste your time on such a vague concept? And even then, when you are acting on serendipity, you are still taking intentional actions toward a previously stipulated process.

For some odd, yet edifying reason, we like the fact that we are doing things right. We like to get better at things; and, consequently, many times we exceed expectations. Using this intrinsic motivation to push us out of our comfort zone into a mode of planned intentionality, and in the spirit of self-improvement, set four specific goals for yourself.

When you are setting these goals, be SMART about it:

  • Specific - What is your goal? Why are you setting this goal?

  • Measurable - What should be measured? How are you tracking progress? What are your tangible results?

  • Attainable - What are your strategies (actions) to reaching your goal?

  • Realistic - What are some obstacles you might face?

  • Timely - What is the timeline you have set to accomplish each of your goal?

After getting used to setting goals for myself time after time, I realized I liked to break my goals down into different categories. I typically focus on these four:

  • Career - At the current stage of my career, what are three top priorities that come to mind?

  • Financial - What do I need to do with my money? What can I do with my money? What should I do to earn more money? What’s my financial plan for the next 1, 3, 5, and 10 years?

  • Educational - Should I pursue to further my education? Do I want to get more education? Is it another degree or simply a certificate? Do I need/want to grow through formal and informal professional development opportunities?

  • Personal - What can I do to ensure I am enjoying my life? Am I making a positive impact? Do others see me as a good person? Are there changes that need to be made regarding my character and persona?

Depending where you are in life, your priority order changes. If you are a full-time employee, it is likely that your categorical goals order would be first Career, then possibly Financial, then Personal, and finally Educational. Regardless, it is essential that you set your unique and most important categories and tackle them from the most important ones to the least important ones.

Being intentional is the key to progress without fully depending on serendipity.


What other thoughts would you add to this post? I am interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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Mike Sprowl is becoming the most sought after Readiness & Flourishing Coach and Consultant in the coaching community. He is famous for helping clients find a direction, implement personalized pathways, and facilitate flourishing and growth so that their lives are meaningful and purposeful without being negative.

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